Balinese Full Body Massage

Originating in Indonesia, these massages reflect the land of beauty and serenity and are steeped in hundreds of thousands of history.

This is a truly wonderful massage treatment for women, not only is it longer than most (1.5hrs) it is a deeply relaxing treatment as it uses different massage techniques to relax and unwind the body, before the oiled massage which combined give you a deeply relaxing treatment.

You will be asked to lie face down on the couch in your underwear, women you will need to remove your bra and you will then be covered with a cloth.

Massage techniques; shiatsu pressure, palm pressure and fist pressure are combined with body weight and are used to relax the muscles, starting with the legs and moving up towards and over the back.

Oil is applied to the body after each area is treated and a soothing massage follows, before moving onto the next part of the blissful treatment.

You are then carefully turned over onto your back so that the whole process can be repeated on your legs and arms, finishing with your face.

Shiatsu technique works on various pressure points on the body to release blocked energy and relax the mind.  It is applied by finger or thumb tip to press firmly yet gently on various pressure points along the body area being treated.

Palm pressure works over the same pressure points, as in the shiatsu technique, but the whole of the palm is applied to each area as opposed to the tips of the thumbs.

Fist pressure uses the bunched fist of the therapist to firmly push into the same areas previously stimulated, however they work more deeply and firmly than the palm pressure.

Body weight; using the force of their body weight you will be amazed as how firm yet gentle the treatment is.  Don’t worry you won’t be flattened or squashed; yet you may look at your therapist and wonder how they were able to deliver such a strong treatment.

What to expect afterwards.

You will certainly be feeling deeply relaxed after such a long, luscious treatment, you may have even fallen asleep-this is perfectly normal.

Your therapist will gently make sure you are back in the room and waking up if you have drifted off.  You will be given a glass of water to sip while you acclimatise.

You will be advised to enjoy the rest of the day (wherever possible) and put your feet up.  It is important that you continue to drink lots of water as your body will be flushing out toxins released from the massage treatment, they will make your urine a bit darker than normal.

If you have any questions about this treatment or are interested in booking one, then please do get in touch.