Pets Make You Happy – It’s A Fact!

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January 1, 2017
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Pets Make You Happy – It’s A Fact!

As many of you will know, I adore animals. Hanging out with my cat Zanzi, or having time with Jessie (a horse I share) makes me happy, calm and I feel connected with the world again. It really is a tonic – don’t just take my word for it though – this is what the scientists have to say about it…

Ruth and Jessie, Simply Aroma Colchester

Handling a stressful task is a lot less stressful if you tackle it with your pet. In an experiment carried out by Grimshaw, those who faced the task alone, with a loved one or with a loved one AND their pet showed higher stress levels than those who had JUST their pet with them.


Pet owners report the greatest benefit, but even a short time with an animal can make all the difference to stress levels. Anxiety in one study set was greatly reduced in those who spent just a short amount of time with a dog before receiving surgery. In fact, the participants reported a reduction in stress by almost 40%!


Animals reduce tension and improve mood – a great tool for beating depression! Uncomplicated relationships, a daily routine, a sense of companionship and physical contact are just some of the factors that make pets perfect for overcoming depression.

Zanzi Cat Simply Aroma Colchester






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