Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is thought to originate from Native America and the indigenous people who put stones into the fire.  They were used for massage once they’d reached a temperature safe enough to handle.

There are many different versions of hot stone treatments, depending on where the therapist learned their trade.  Simply Aroma’s founder and owner, Ruth learned hers in Bali, Indonesia with the ladies from Sekar Jagat Spa.  Club Med use this spa to send their guests off for genuine Balinese treatments and hot stone massages.

It is very popular in spas and retreats.  Hot stone massage is a wonderful treatment for women.  The heat from the stones get to work on easing tension in the body very quickly.  As the body is still oiled ahead of any stones being used, they glide over the skin and create a wonderful treatment that really releases and relaxes tense muscles in the body.

The stones are not really hot but warm, as the therapist needs to handle them. They are used to massage a certain area of the body until they have lost their warmth and then replaced with another stone which is then massaged over the body.

A hot stone massage is right for you if:

  • You have a desk job
  • You stand on your feet all day
  • You have a physically demanding job
  • You want a deeply relaxing treat for yourself
  • You have tension across your neck and shoulders
  • You receive massage regularly to promote wellbeing
  • You have any tension anywhere in the muscles in your body

So you can see, hot stone massage is really wonderful for assisting in any treatment where muscles are tight or you need to feel relaxed.

Hot stones are used mainly on the back, neck and legs along with oiled massage finishing the treatment on the arms, feet, hands and face.

If our therapist finds the stones too warm to handle they simply won’t be placed on your body ensuring you continue to receive a blissful treatment.

Hot stone massage can be received by expecting Mums as long as they are in the 2nd or 3rd trimester of the pregnancy and their Doctor is happy for them to receive the treatment.  There are some reasons why you must check this is okay, ahead of receiving a hot stone massage. Your Doctor really is the best person to qualify this as each case is as unique as you are.