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Enquire today about massage packages, with 10-20% discount on course of 6-12 taken over 6-12 months.

Order your SKN-RG products through Ruth and save 20% off your order.  Gift vouchers are available for the perfect gift for you ladies or the special girl in your life. 

Balinese Full Body Massage

£60 / 90 mins

Includes legs, feet, back, arms, hands, stomach, chest, neck, shoulders, face and scalp using organic aromatherapy essential oils, shiatsu and covered massage techniques.

Full Body Aromatherapy Massage

£60 / 90 mins

A blend of essential oils specific to your needs is massaged into your body including legs, feet (optional), shoulders, neck, back, arms, hands, stomach, chest, face and scalp.

Fully Body Hot Stone Massage

£60 / 90 mins

This massage includes a blend of organic aromatherapy oils specific to your needs and massage over the back, legs, arms, hands, feet, abdomen, neck, face and scalp

Full Body Hot Stone Massage

£40 / 60 mins

Hot stone massage includes warmed stones gently massaged over your back, neck, shoulders and legs, as well as gentle massage techniques on arms and feet, using a blend of organic essential oils to suit your needs. 

SKN -RG Facial Course


Our SKN-RG Facial course delivers best results over a period of 6-12 weekly or fortnightly sessions.  Longer lasting non-surgical natural facelift, plumping, brightening and rejuvenating with visible improvements. 15% off individual sessions only £280.

SKN-RG Facial

£55 / 80 mins

SKN-RG Facial is a unique and proven non-surgical facelift massage, natural ingredients and techniques work with the most sensitive skin. Delightfully relaxing, rejuvenating, plumping and brightening.  Noticeable effects to how you look and feel. 80 mins £55

Healing Massage

£60 / 90 mins

Combining aromatherapy with reiki this treatment is ideal if you feel out of sorts or under pressure. A blend of organic essential oils will be blended to suit you on the day. You will feel like a different person when you leave.

Mum to be and bump massage

£40 / 60 mins

Treat you and your bump to a special pregnancy safe massage using only the right essential oils and gentle soothing massage, lots of cushions and adjustments can be made for you and bump.  From 2nd trimester onwards. 

Aromatherapy Massage

£40 / 60 mins

Combining essential oils blended on the day to suit your individual needs this massage gently soothes away any stress or strain you may be feeling leaving you relaxed. 

Back, neck and shoulder massage

£40 / 60 mins

Beat the stress and tension with this 1 hour treatment focusing on the tightest spots on your body. Very relaxing and effective. 

Seated neck and shoulder massage

£25 / 30 mins

You may be uncomfortable laying down or be pregnant in which case this super seated massage is great as it doesn't involve any oils and is given fully clothed.  Super if regular massage isn't your thing!

Hand or foot massage

£25 / 30 mins

Delightful and unobtrusive, this massage is very relaxing and ideal if infirm, disabled or just prefer your hands or feet being massaged. We combine a blend of organic essential oils just for your needs on the day. 

Reiki Treatment

£40 / 60 mins

A gentle Usui Reiki treatment where you simply lay on the cosy couch and receive gentle hands on and off healing.  Great for if you feel out of balance, are recovering from illness or simply prefer to be clothed while receiving a relaxing treatment. 

Indian Head massage

£40 / 60 mins

Sit back and relax while receiving a wonderful hour long head, neck and scalp treatment. Deeply relaxing while fully clothed.  Can be seated or laying down, whichever you prefer.