Healing Massage

Healing Massage – Reiki and Aromatherapy Combined


I’d like to introduce a restorative and relaxing massage treatment that combines the power of healing with traditional aromatherapy massage, reiki and essential oils.

Healing massage Simply Aroma Colchester


Three is the magic number!

  1. The treatment starts with . consultation on where you are.  I then mix a unique blend of essential oils that will be the most beneficial for you based on what your needs are on the day .
  2. Following this, you get on the warm couch, I chime the singing bowl and follow with the use a hands-on gentle pressure technique to ground you, which is based on balinese massage techniques.


3. The final part of the treatment is a massage with the chosen essential oils. While I work through any physical tension, the healing power of Reiki will also be working to shift any emotional and energetic barriers to improved wellbeing. I use hands-on and hands-off techniques and end the session with a gentle chime of the singing bowl so you know it’s finished.


This can be a very powerful treatment, helping to cleanse and clear chakra energy whilst providing the physical relief associated with massage. During the treatment I use the healing vibrations of The Five Elements soundtrack. This not only sets the mood for the session, I find it helps create a better focus for you to relax and unwind to.


Sessions take place at my Colchester treatment room, last 90 minutes and cost £60.Reiki massage Simply Aroma Colchester


Customer Testimonial


My healing massage from Ruth was nothing short of an amazing experience for mind, body and soul! It definitely wasn’t like any other massage I had had before, and the results were really unexpected, in a good way!


During the first part, I could feel enormous amounts of energy moving around my body, and I was experiencing vivid colours and shapes in my minds eye. It felt like my body and mind were fully primed for whatever was coming next. It was when Ruth was working on physical tension in the back of my neck, that I felt all the energy from the Reiki kick in again. It felt like my entire being was somewhere else, and that the massage was somehow going deeper than my physical being.


Afterwards, I felt invigorated yet relaxed, light but grounded, and the previous problems I had been experiencing with communication (associated with a blockage in the throat chakra) were no longer obstacles.


Kerry McCarthy, Wivenhoe, Colchester