ICU Colchester, Inspiring Children Universally

ICU Colchester, North Essex.

ICU (Inspiring Children Universally) is now available in Colchester, and surrounding towns and villages into North Essex and Suffolk.  The ICU programme is beautiful and powerful, enabling children to heal, grow and blossom in many areas of their life.  ICU Colchester runs a 12 week programme to assist children with:

  • Increasing confidence, self-esteem, self-respect and respect for others
  • Release limiting beliefs and traumas
  • Develop their natural gifts
  • Expanding their minds
  • Reaching and often excelling their educational and personal potential
  • Understand universal human values

The ICU programme really works with children to expand their minds, awareness and learning capabilities, to use their natural abilities and “see” without their physical eyes.

Inspiring Children Universally teacher Ruth Bradshaw is based in Colchester, North Essex close to Suffolk and surrounding villages and offers 1-2-1 ICU teaching from her home office to children aged between 4-12 years old.

Talk to Ruth and book your child in today,  call Ruth on 07565 903753 today.

Another session at ICU Colchester

Learning to ‘see’ using intuitive abilities at ICU Colchester

“She has done so well at school, a glowing report showing above average academic level” This positive feedback came from one Mum who had been worried about her child’s ability at school, her child shared this with me ” I just don’t want to muck about in class anymore, I don’t even get distracted by the naughty girls anymore I can concentrate so much easier”.  

April 2017.

ICU Colchester, Inspiring Children Universally in Colchester

ICU Colchester, part of a session with blindfolded colouring underway




Questions and Answers of ICU Colchester.


Q&A. How do I know if my child is able to do this?

This is a great technique to teach your child aged 4-12 if they can already read.  It is suitable for any child, not just children who find concentrating difficult or sitting still impossible.  This is for ALL children, no matter their reading ability, that is all they need and a willingness to learn something new!



“We have had a LOT less ‘I can’t’ and a lot MORE ‘I can’, he has been more adventurous and overall a more confident little boy since he finished his ICU Colchester programme.  May 2017”


Q&A. How does the programme work?

The programme is structured into ten one hour lessons, one lesson a week, for ten weeks.  There is a small amount of practise and homework each week, a progress record and a certificate upon completion.  ICU lessons are fun and structured to enable your child to feel safe and confident.


Q&A. What do you do with the children?

The child puts on their blindfold which they use for each lesson and most homework, they go through a process to help then tune into their abilities and are taken through a series of short exercises starting with reading books, these become progressively more complex as the child develops, moving onto puzzles, games, jigsaws, playing on the iPad, watching tv and games like catch and eye spy as well as moving onto core balance as well as healing at the end of each session.


Q&A. How much homework is there?

Very little, however 5 minutes a day will make a big difference.  If you the parent, are engaged with the homework and committed to helping your child grow then the results will be noticeable.


Q&A. When do classes run?

Classes run on a very strict schedule to work around the needs of the children.  Classes are available on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings by appointment only.  While I aim to see your child each week, life happens and classes can be moved to be fortnightly to accommodate ‘life’ happening, equally if there is space in the diary a child could do two or more lessons in a week.


Q&A.  What if I am late?

Please be prompt with dropping off, so as to maximise your child’s lesson and ensure that you are prompt to collect your child so that it doesn’t disturb anyone else’s lesson.  The lesson will still run if you are late however there is no reimbursement on lesson cost and lesson will finish at the scheduled time, regardless of what time it began.


Q&A. What if I can’t make a lesson, can I cancel?

Yes you can cancel though please allow as much notice as possible as the lesson could be given to another student.


Q&A.  How much does ICU in North Essex and Suffolk cost?

Class prices are set at £30, £40 or £50 a lesson or £300, £400 or £500 for a block of 10 classes, the programme is 10 classes long.


Q&A. Will my child ‘see’?

Seeing is not guaranteed, it is a secondary potential outcome to the positivity your child can benefit from.  Your child will gain from ICU regardless of whether they see or not, we encourage you to not have any expectations and support your child regardless of how they are progressing.


Learning to draw, blindfolded. ICU Colchester

One very happy young lady and her picture, all drawn with a blindfold on


“I have noticed that my daughter is so much more confident, interacts with her Grandad (she used to be so shy) and has gone on to gain several certificates in class for effort, spellings and reading.  

She has really grown in confidence, which is so beautiful to see”  Jan 2017. 



To book your child in or discuss the possibilities of them starting the ICU Programme then please contact Ruth here or call her on 07565 903753.